Behind Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ successes in building communities and in transforming lives through the decades, we recognize the steadfast leaderships that have been brought to the organization in making things happen. Since the formation of its first affiliate in the Philippines in 1988, affiliate offices started sprouting in different regions of the Philippines thus an evident need to establish a national office that would lead all others in a direction that would best serve the need for safe and decent housing.

At present, the Philippine national office has entrusted its housing operations to its Managing Director & CEO, Charlito S. Ayco. Before becoming the founding president of the Tagbilaran City Habitat affiliate, he was a professor of Theology at Atenedo de Manila University in the mid 1980’s. He was appointed OIC Mayor of his local town in Sevilla, Bohol in 1986 and served as Mayor until 1992. After his stint in politics, he joined a local NGO while doing some business development consultancy. 

 “Charlie”, as many in the organization would call him, joined with Habitat Philippines as a volunteer in 1997. After holding a Project Manager position in Bohol, a series of opportunities to broaden his capacity to help the organization was presented to him, and he accepted each role willingly. He joined the National staff of Habitat for Humanity Philippines and became its Chief Operations Officer. Charlie later on moved to the Southeast Asia Regional Office for Habitat for Humanity International where he became Director for Regional Programs in East Asia and Pacific in 2004. Eventually he became a Director for Program Development and support for Asia Pacific establishing different departments that has helped the presence and operations of Habitat in the Asian region afloat.

With the housing climate in the region was becoming a prominent problem, he led the Habitat team in organizing the past three sessions of Habitat’s Asia Pacific Housing Forum in Singapore (2007), Manila (2009) and Bangkok (2011) that would help bolster the need for support in housing. He also represented Habitat for Humanity International in the UN-Habitat organized World Urban Forum in Vancouver, Nanjing and Rio de Janiero as a speaker and presenter on housing’s best practices.

He currently has an MA in Theology from Ateneo de Manila University and a Masters in Development Management from the Asian Institue of Management.

Charlie, outside of his work for Habitat, is happily married to his wife with two children and a grandchild.