More than 15,000 volunteers per year contribute almost 80,000 hours of their time and talent to Habitat for Humanity Philippines. Your volunteer action support helps Habitat build safe, decent and affordable homes for Filipino families living in need.

Whether an individual, corporate team, community group, a small group of friends, with skilled experience or not, there are many different ways for people to volunteer in the construction site or/and in the Habitat office.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Juan Build Program
Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ Juan Build Program is the housing ministry’s flagship volunteer activity where interested individuals and groups are given the opportunity to build homes in select Habitat Philippines communities. The program is a half-day event where every Juan, guided by staff and engineers, will learn and do actual house construction activities, building new homes and giving hope for soon-to-be home owners.

The Juan Build Program is best used as an avenue for team building and outreach activities or tied up with corporate social responsibility program, instilling a strong sense of responsibility and contribution toward societal development.

After all, every juan has a role to do in everyday nation building project. 

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Juan Brigade Program
Moreover than just building homes for families, Habitat for Humanity Philippines also places a good deal of importance towards community development projects to be able to truly transform lives of Filipinos.

Volunteer and corporate groups who would like to engage with Habitat’s Juan Brigade program can conduct any of the following community programs:

  • Leadership and Values Formation
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Social Enterprise Coaching Seminars
  • Community Clean-Up
  • Community Health & Wellness

Under privileged families do not just need hand outs but also hand ups towards uplifting situation and dignity. With the Juan Brigade Program, we aim to give them more avenues for holistic development.


Habitat for Humanity Global Village Program
The Global Village Program is a priceless opportunity to be able to do volunteer work in another Habitat affiliated country. Through this program, volunteers are able to experience different and exciting cultures and still do meaningful work by building homes for families.

Habitat’s Global Village sends a clear message that helping knows no borders and that everyone in the global have the rights towards living in a safe and decent shelter.  

For individual volunteers who would like to participate in Habitat Philippines' builds, kindly fill out the form below and will get back to you the soonest time possible.