As missionaries, Pastor Tito and his wife had to constantly relocate to share the word of God. It was a vocation they took to heart no matter how challenging it was.

When their children were born, the situation became more arduous. They felt the need to have a secure place. However, each year, they had to overcome challenges while looking for a decent, permanent place. They got offered to stay in the barracks for free, but the environment was not suitable for growing children. The area would easily get flooded whenever it rained and mosquitoes would pester around, endangering their health and safety. Through it all, they didn’t lose their faith that God would answer their prayers at the right time.

For 11 years, they moved from one town to another. Finally, God’s blessings poured. The Banol family got the life-changing opportunity to own a safe, permanent home in Cali Site, Tacloban City, Leyte.

In 2019, through the support of Lions Clubs International Foundation under Habitat Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan Rehabilitation Program, the Banol family, along with 47 other families who were affected by the typhoon, moved into their new home. Living in their home for over two years now, the Banol family has never felt safer, happier, and even more blessed. For Pastor Tito, it was a fulfilled promise from God, and it was all worth the wait.