An active community member of the Matigsalug Tribe, Levilyn and her family used to live in a house made of light materials with leaking roofs and walls, not only making them vulnerable to disasters but also exposing them to diseases. Levilyn didn’t want her children to experience such a tough situation.

They were overjoyed and extremely grateful to learn that they were one of the selected families for Habitat Philippines’ housing project in partnership with the Government and People of Brunei Darussalam, through its Embassy. Since moving in 2018, the house has brought positive changes in their life – from being able to sleep peacefully to saving up for appliances they need to live comfortably even during the pandemic.

Like in any other community, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed danger in the health of the Matigsalug families. So, when they learned that Habitat Philippines partnered with Procter & Gamble to help improve their hygiene and sanitation practices, the families were eager to participate in the training sessions.

For Levilyn, the training and workshops helped increase their awareness about health, proper hygiene, and sanitation. They learned to appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy, clean home and community.

Moreover, the establishment of the community health center and distribution of hygiene kits helped reduce their risk of contracting diseases, better monitor their health, and keep their homes and community COVID-free.