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Motivated By a Dream

Shirley and Felisa have a dream: they want a new house and a better life for their families. The Habitat Hypar house is a symbol of that dream. And they are hoping, even working - towards it becoming a reality.

All In God’s Time

For Analyn and her husband, the thought of having a new house — and a new home — brings so much promise, and they are all the more looking forward to what life has to offer them. For them, this is just the beginning.

Unexpected Blessings

Homes open doors to new opportunities. For Rowena and her family, their new home was an unexpected blessing that ushered in the beginning of their new life.

Beaming with Pride

John, who has been living in Habitat’s FTI community for six years now, is the head of the Livelihood Committee, which offers sustainable livelihood projects for the community.

Going the Distance

Emman is currently looking forward to earning enough just so that he could establish a business near their home and prepare for his children’s college education.

A Dream Fulfilled

It is November 6, 2015. What was once a drab, grey construction site is now a vibrant community with green, white and blue houses. Construction workers are now replaced by children and families.