Habitat for Humanity Philippines values diversity and people. From field operations to office administration and project management, we look for individuals who have the skills and qualifications for the positions in our ministry.

But more importantly, we want people who have the passion and a genuine heart to serve families in need.

See if your qualifications match our openings.


Job Openings

Resource Development Director


In accordance to the agreed directive of the National Board of Trustees of Habitat for Humanity Philippines, Resource Development Director leads, manages, and supervises various fundraising units of the organization to sustainably fund the mission and achieve its annual fundraising target and business objectives.

The Resource Development Director collaboratively develops and implements fundraising strategies with internal and external stakeholders to support the goals of various fundraising units. The Director ensures sustainable fundraising through partnerships with corporates, individuals, major gifts, FOI, developers, and volunteers both nationally and internationally in collaboration with the Habitat global funding network.




Fundraising strategy development

  • Collaboratively develops the overall and channel-specific fundraising strategies and implementation plans to achieve the annual and long-term revenue objectives of the organization
  • Supervises the implementation of fundraising strategies aimed at enhancing the over-all cash flow and assets of the organization including leading the fundraising team in proposal development and forging strategic alliances
  • Approves and supports the RD unit heads in testing and rolling-out of appropriate techniques, products and campaigns based on identified fundraising strategies
  • Guides the team in developing and implementing donor acquisition, engagement and retention strategies and plans to increase the giving level of existing donors through effective donor stewardship and management

Leads and develops key partnerships in collaboration with respective unit heads

  • Opens door and leads bespoke partnership proposals for foundations, organizations and institutions (FOIs), HNIs, and corporates in collaboration with the unit heads, and other departments raising at least Php 200 million annually
  • Collaborates with Habitat global funding network to secure donations from international FOIs or bilateral organizations
  • Maintains and sustainable increases donor & prospect pipeline with at least 15% annual revenue growth

Donor engagement & stewardship

  • Collaborates with various unit managers to effectively execute an effective donor engagement and retention strategies that will ensure sustainable pool of donors, across all segments from individuals, corporate, and FOIs.
  • Ensures continuous engagement of NBOT, influences and ambassadors in coordination with the respective account managers, Communications Department and the CEO.

Volunteer programs development

  • Provide direction to the volunteer programs unit in planning and implementation of new initiatives that will expand volunteer mobilization and enhance the over-all association of Habitat to volunteerism, making Habitat for Humanity Philippines a top of mind volunteer-engaging organization for domestic and international volunteers.
  • Support the successful implementation and achievement of the fundraising targets of VolProg initiatives including local and international volunteering, campus chapter and youth groups engagement, and skills-based volunteering programs.

Department management

  • Directs and manages the department’s operation and activities through effective planning, preparation, implementation, control, reporting and evaluation.
  • Leads and facilitates regular revenue reporting in collaboration with various fundraising units and frontline fundraisers through pipeline management using the CRM.
  • Ensures proper management, updating and use of Akubo CRM system.
  • Identifies recruits, develops and retains appropriate talent required by the Department to attain its objectives in a progressive manner under the guidance of HR department.
  • Supervises and reviews unit and individual RD team member’s portfolio and performances, and provides support to strengthen and capacitate the team to meet its revenue target
  • Ensures that all fundraising initiatives, campaigns and programs are consistent with the over-all mission, philosophy and fundraising policies of Habitat and ensures organizational compliance to HFH international collaborative development policies and guidelines
  • Trains, mentors, develops, and provides growth opportunities for individual career development and leadership succession to ensure the progressive growth, sustainability and expansion of the Resource Development Department and the over-all organization

Management Committee

  • Ensures that the Resource Development Department supports the over-all strategy approved by the NBOT and the CEO, and is complementary to other department’s strategy; creates team spirit to the overall strategic objectives.
  • Provides regular reports, open discussions with the Management Committee, the NBOT, and Habitat for Humanity International to ensure effective fundraising strategies are consistent with the over-all strategic objectives


  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Development, Marketing and preference to Master’s Degree Holders in Development or Business
  • Work Experience: At least 7-10 years progressive experience in the field of Marketing, Fund Development, Team Management, Sales, Public Relations, Fundraising and the like
  • Special Training: Training in and/or exposure to fundraising, development, digital and non-traditional marketing and volunteerism (Volunteer Program Development and Management).
  • Specialized Skills & Knowledge: Highly Strategic Thinking; Broad Network; Excellent negotiating skills; Excellent analytical Skills; High Inter-personal and public relations skills; Knowledge in Development and Corporate Social Responsibility and multi-tasker
  • Personal Qualities: Strong Leadership Capability; Assertive personality; Strong Organizational Abilities; Strong Motivational and Inspirational Skills; Excellent presentation skills; Goal oriented; people person; Self-Directed; Highly Driven
  • Functional Knowledge: Must be adept in Resource Mobilization and Sales and Marketing
  • Business Expertise: Strategy Development, Sales, Portfolio Management, Marketing, Business Development, Organizational Management
  • Leadership: Decisive, strategic, collaborative and people builder, goal-oriented
  • Problem-solving: Creative problem solving skills; ability to maximize limited resources
  • Nature of Impact: Over-all organizational funding
  • Area of Impact: National scale and regional fundraising impact
  • Interpersonal Skills: Excellent inter-personal skills; people person; people builder; ability to inspire internal and external stakeholders into action.

Fundraising Manager (Corporate and FOI)


  • Fundraising strategy development:
    • Working with the RD Director, identify the unit’s annual target and new initiatives
    • Develop the corporate and FOI fundraising strategies and implementation plan to achieve the annual and long-term revenue objectives of the units
    • Guide and support the unit fundraising managers on their fundraising plans and activities ensuring compliance and alignment to the unit’s goals and objectives
    • Develop campaigns and initiatives to engage and bring-in donors who will contribute unrestricted funding to support the sustainability of the organization
    • Oversee the overall fundraising objectives and activities of the unit
    • Collaborate with other units and departments in the fulfillment of the unit’s plans and activities
  • Donor acquisition, stewardship, and re-engagement:
    • Develop or lead the creation of a sustainable pipeline and network of target corporates, civic groups, and FOIs to support and fund priority housing programs
    • Oversee and lead the preparation of presentations, proposals, and appeals in coordination with other departments and units
    • Maintain and lead the updating of the unit pipeline
    • Ensure donor and excellent partner stewardship in collaboration with the Donor Management Unit through project update meetings
  • Lead and develop foundations, organizations, and institutions (FOI) fundraising:
    • Working with the FOI manager, lead bespoke partnership proposals for national and international foundations, organizations, and institutions (FOIs) in collaboration with other departments raising at least Php 50 million annually
    • Work with the Habitat global funding network to secure donations from international FOIs
    • Develop FOI pipeline and sustainably grow FOI partnerships with at least 15% annual revenue growth
  • Lead and develop corporate fundraising:
    • Personally manage at least 20 major corporate accounts and raise at least P50 million annually
    • Guide and lead the corporate engagement manager in developing partnership proposals, re-engaging donors, and developing bespoke partnerships raising at least Php 50 million
    • Collaborate and work with the Habitat global funding network to secure donations from regional and global donors
    • Develop a sustainable corporate pipeline and sustainably grow corporate partnerships with at least 15% annual revenue growth
  • Unit Management:
    • Create a team of qualified and committed individuals who will support and contribute to the objectives and targets of the unit
    • Effectively manage staff and the unit’s daily operations
    • Lead the preparation of unit reports
    • Train and mentor unit staff for individual career development and leadership succession to support the progressive growth and sustainability of the organization
    • Foster a collaborative team effort within the unit, within the department, and with other departments
  • Others:
    • Perform other related tasks that may be assigned from time to time


  • Education / Training: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Marketing, or a related field
  • Work Experience: At least 3-5 years of progressive experience in the field of Resource Mobilization, Management, Sales, and Marketing
  • Functional Knowledge: Management and Administration. Project Management. Business Development. Budgeting and Finance. Computer Literate. Presentation Skills. Excellent Writing Skills
  • Business Expertise: Project Management. Business Development. Systems & Procedures
  • Leadership: Ability to inspire and motivate the team as well as potential external partners. Ability to delegate.
  • Problem Solving: Propose solutions utilizing the latest technologies or innovative strategies to operational and project-related problems, availing resources including contacts and exploring relationships/partnerships
  • Special Training: Training related to Fundraising, Sales, Management
  • Specialized Skills & Knowledge: Advanced public relations skills and carrying a broad network of potential donor base, Business and Organizational Development, Operations and Management, Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Interpersonal Skills: Advanced interpersonal skills; inspirational; motivational; highly relational
  • Required Personal Characteristics: Effective networking skills, strategic thinking, excellent interpersonal skills, excellent presentation skills; self–directed; able to multi-task, flexible personality; excellent negotiator and highly persuasive skills; strong customer-driven focus
  • Nature of Impact: Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Area of Impact: National fundraising, sustainability.

CAD Operator/Technical Draftsman

Terms of Reference for the Output-Based Technical Personnel 



Background in Architecture/Engineering, with experience in drafting and preparation of architectural and engineering plans/drawings.

Has experience in residential and housing design/development (horizontal and vertical).

Has experience in preparation of preliminary cost estimates/materials take off


1. Preparation and drafting of architectural and engineering plans needed for pre-design, design development, permitting, and for-construction.

2. Preparation and drafting of shop details/drawings and blow-up plans for construction

3. Review architectural and engineering plans, most especially farmed out and outsourced plans

4. Assist in reviewing or updating preliminary and detailed cost estimates

Project Assignments:

1. Bignay Socialized Housing Project (Housing and Non-Housing)

2. Sterling Park HOA (Site Development, Housing and Non-Housing)

3. ADHHOPE Socialized Housing Project (Site Development, Housing and Non-Housing)

Resources needed:

1. Laptop – good working laptop that can handle software applications

2. Software – AutoCAD, Sketchup, Microsoft Office, others as may be required




Construction Management and Engineering Manager

This role ensures a programmatic approach to the quality assurance of all Habitat for Humanity projects and provides technical support to Field Teams in the effective and cost-efficient implementation of all construction projects.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Quality Assurance and Safety Management

  • Lead the development and management of Habitat Philippines’ Construction Engineering and Management system, policies, operational guidelines, frameworks, procedures, and training modules in accordance with HFH International MEAL and Construction Quality guidance;
  • Works in close coordination with Area Program Managers and site engineers, ensuring that the construction project complies with approved plans/designs, specifications, and the construction manual and practices of Habitat Philippines, Habitat International, Department of Public Works and Highways and the National Building Code
  • Coordinates with partners for site-testing/assessment, analyzes recommendations, and evaluates site suitability to determine most   applicable model.
  • Schedules joint inspections of the project with the project stakeholders and implementing partners (IPs) /contractors and conducts on-site assessments on the status of the projects – holds implementing partners and workers accountable to the signed notice to proceed and construction agreements
  • Ensures IP progress billings are consistent with the construction progress report and photos
  • Active member of the Accreditation, Bids, and Awards Committee, particularly leading the technical evaluation of bids and providing technical  support to the committee
  • Ensures that safety policies and programs are standardized, updated, and are strictly observed during all phases of construction
  • Promotes continuous improvement in construction development and processes and construction safety best practices and leads initiatives supporting hubs/implementation team through the planning, implementation and monitoring systems;
  • Conduct regular site visits and discusses cost, timeliness, safety and quality issues with the construction team
  • Conduct a performance review of IPs

Construction Management  

  • Identifies, monitors and reports on the status of key decisions and issues which may influence the progress of projects
  • Identifies and accesses areas for further value engineering action, before and during construction, as warranted
  • Reviews documentation needed for each project such as design and budget proposals, work plans, material requisitions, construction schedules, and project status/assessment reports.
  • Develops, coordinates and monitors the progress predetermined schedules of construction activities and holds regular meetings with Project Managers and Site Engineers as needed.
  • Identifies and resolves the elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims
  • Prepares regular update reports, at least twice a month, for the review of the COO/Programs and Operations Director
  • As needed oversee lot preparation, including demolition of existing houses or rubble removal making sure it is done in a safe manner.
  • Monitors project progress - effectively tracks progress, outputs and accomplishments vs work schedule and coordinate activities to resolve problems or possible delays – reports the same to superiors
  • Signs building permits applications and related government documentary requirements when required
  • Ensures adherence of Ips in construction agreement and recommend sanctions for any violation thereof
  • Manage, coach and develop construction support resource

Design and Innovation and Quantity surveying

  • Lead the structural designing and/or design review of structural plans of housing and non-housing projects
  • Provide technical support/input on the project concepts/proposals adjustment to house and community infrastructures designs as appropriate
  • Provide support in technical site assessments/technical due diligence of projects under the pipeline
  • Lead the review of Bill of Materials and Bill of Quantities ensuring conduct of value engineering
  • Initiates to learn and qualify new alternatives on construction materials and its benefits to the project without sacrificing integrity and function

Capacity Building

  • Lead capacity building program for technical staff and volunteers on resilient construction, community-based construction monitoring and other technical capacities identified and needed


  • Co-lead with the Design and Innovations Manager the technical core team in the development and review of housing and other products and services
  • Active member of the disaster response core team and supports activities and programs in accordance to its TOR
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time


  • Education / Training: Licensed Civil Engineer or Architect
  • Work Experience: At least 3 years of work experience in construction or project management
  • Special Skills / Knowledge: Familiarity with current construction technology required; knowledge of local building requirements and Sphere Standards, as well as other governmental regulations required; knowledge of CAD, Autocad, and Safety Management; Project Management skills
  • Other Skills: Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Required Personal Characteristics: Able to work within unstable and difficult conditions; willingness to uphold the Christian principles of Habitat


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