Habitat for Humanity Philippines values diversity and people. From field operations, to office administration and project management, we look for individuals who have the skills and qualifications for the positions in our ministry.

But more importantly, we want people who have the passion and a genuine heart to serve families in need.

See if your qualifications match our openings.

Job Openings

The Operations Admin Support Officer provides administrative support to the area operations team, ensuring the continued delivery of services to Habitat’s communities by effectively monitoring program/project implementation progress status and ensuring requirements are met for payment made to implementing partners, suppliers and other partners, monitors expenses and budget and smooth office management.


1. Administrative
* Follow-up tasks, reports and documents assigned by Area Programs Manager or other units in the area
* Follows-up external partners and contacts related to project implementation
* Provide support to the Area/Project heads
– Reviews progress billings and other financial transactions of the regional hub office
and help facilitate timely payments with Finance

2. Communications & Reporting
* Supports the Area Program Manager’s communications with staff, other area offices and head quarters/group
* Consolidates and prepares reports from the project sites or other various reports required by the head of operations/other business units/Groups for review of the Area Programs Manager
* May act as meeting minutes taker during meetings, prepares the minutes; distribution of minutes to attendees and compiles information for the agenda when requested

3. Custodianship of Files and Confidential Records
* Files correspondences and other records for the area operations (related to programs/projects implementation – from conception and close out)
* Maintains files that are confidential in nature

4. Others
* Assists in the completion of special projects as requested
* Assists in the organization of meetings and special events
* Performs other responsibilities as may be assigned by the head of operations from time to time

– Education / Training: Graduate of a 4-year college business course
– Work Experience: At least 2 years’ experience in an administrative position in an office setting
– Special Skills / Knowledge: Hands-on knowledge of Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), computer operations
– Other Skills: Operation of office equipment
– Required Personal Characteristics: Good communication skills, coordination and organization skills, customer focus, willing to travel and work extended hours

The Community Development Officer helps ensure that the Habitat housing program and projects are implemented in accordance with the framework of community development and are grounded on Habitat’s mission, principles and goals.


1. Community preparation
* Validates the result of the area mapping, assessment and baseline survey of the community and come up with the family and community profile.

2. Selection of HFHP program applicant
* Ensures that the qualified home partners went through the process of family selection.
* Re-validation of applicant families through house visitation and interviews.

3. Capacity-building
* Ensures that the following has been accomplished in the community:
1) Strategic and action planning to determine the community’s directions.

2) Capacity building/trainings (including trainers’ training) and various activities for the home partners and community association leadership.

3) Discussion of relevant national and local issues to enhance and uplift the home partners’awareness of these events and issues, and to help them resolve their own related problems.

4) Continuous meetings and networking between the community leaders and other partners in the area for holistic community development.

5) Formation of homeowners association and its registration SEC, HIGC or CDA.

6) Formulation of homeowner’s articles of incorporation or by-laws.

7) On the job coaching of any skills related to leadership.

8) Different trainings related to project management, leadership, networking and partnership, conflict management.

4. Sustainability Phase
* Conducts community project evaluation and monitoring and comes up with community strategic plan
* Establishes coordination, networking and partnership with other institutions to access related community services such as livelihood, health, education, sanitation and safety and culture of savings.

5. Other admin work
* Adheres with the unit’s plans and goals.
* Helps with simple proposal formulation.
* Ensures that training designs are applicable to the community.

– Graduate of social work or related course.
– 4-6 years experience in community organizing, preferably with experience in supervising and managing staffs, with exposure in socialized urban and rural housing and development
– Knowledge of technical and legal issues in socialized urban housing and development
– Able to communicate in English or local dialect

The Fundraising Manager for Corporate Account conceptualizes, develops and implements fundraising strategies to engage and forge long-term partnerships with the Corporate sector and Foundations, Organizations and Institutions (FOIs).

He/She shall focus on developing long-term and strategic partnerships with corporations, civic society, and FOIs in order to generate sustainable funds and resources to support Habitat for Humanity Philippines target, goals and priority programs.


1. Fundraising strategy development
* Working with the RD Director, identify unit’s annual target and new initiatives
* Develop the corporate and FOI fundraising strategies and implementation plan to achieve the annual and long-term revenue objectives of the units
* Guide and support the unit fundraising managers on their fundraising plans and activities ensuring compliance and alignment to the unit’s goals and objectives
* Develop campaigns and initiatives to engage and bring-in donors who will contribute unrestricted funding to support the sustainability of the organization
* Oversee the over-all fund raising objectives and activities of the unit
* Collaborate with other units and departments in the fulfillment of the units plans and activities

2. Donor acquisition, stewardship and reengagement
* Develop or lead the creation of a sustainable pipeline and network of target corporate, civic groups and FOIs to support and fund priority housing programs
* Oversee and lead the preparation of presentations, proposals and appeals in coordination with other departments and units
* Maintain and lead the updating of unit pipeline
* Ensure donor and partner excellent stewardship in collaboration with the Donor Management Unit through project update meetings

3. Lead and develop foundations, organizations and institutions (FOI) fundraising
* Working with the FOI manager, lead bespoke partnership proposals for national and international foundations, organizations and institutions (FOIs) in collaboration with other departments raising funds
* Work with the Habitat global funding network to secure donations from international FOIs
* Develop FOI pipeline and sustainably grow FOI partnerships with at least 15% annual revenue growth

4. Lead and develop corporate fundraising
* Personally manage at least 20 major corporate accounts and raise funds
* Guide and lead the corporate engagement manager in developing partnership proposals, reengaging donors and developing bespoke partnerships raising funds
* Collaborate and work with the Habitat global funding network to secure donations from regional and global donors
* Develop a sustainable corporate pipeline and sustainably grow corporate partnerships with at least 15% annual revenue growth

5. Unit Management
* Create a team of qualified and committed individuals who will support and contribute to the objectives and targets of the unit
* Effectively manage staff and the unit’s daily operations
* Lead the preparation of unit reports
* Train and mentor unit staff for individual career development and leadership succession to support the progressive growth and sustainability of the organization
* Foster a collaborative team effort within the unit, within the department and with other departments

The Fundraising Manager for Socialized Housing Investment conceptualizes, develops and implements fundraising strategies to engage and forge long-term partnerships with the private sector, focusing on developers through the HLURB and BOI partnership with particular focus on the Negros Oriental Habitat for Humanity Housing Project.


1. Fundraising strategy development
* Develop the SI fundraising strategies and implementation plan to achieve the annual and long-term revenue objectives of Hilti funded projects
* Guide and support the fundraising officer ensuring compliance and alignment to the unit’s goals and objectives
* Collaborate with other units and departments in the fulfillment of the SI plans and activities

2. Donor acquisition, stewardship and reengagement
* Develop a sustainable pipeline and network of target developers and corporates (BOI) to support and fund Hilti housing projects and other priority housing programs
* Prepare presentations, proposals and appeals in coordination with other departments and units
* Maintain and update donor/partner pipeline
* Ensure donor and partnership excellent stewardship in collaboration with the Donor Management Unit

3. Social Investors
* Develop and maintain a network of Social Investor partners for HLURB housing compliance
* In coordination with the project development cross functional committee, assist in the development of social investment products and projects

The Marketing Communications Director creates branding and communications strategies to ensure strong awareness of Habitat for Humanity and leverage its brand to support and enhance resource mobilization in the private and public sector, as well as volunteer mobilization. The Marketing Communications Director sets and guides the strategy for all communications, website, and public relations messages and collaterals to consistently articulate Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ (HFHP) mission. The Marketing Communications Director ensures that HFHP is viewed as the primary source, disseminator, and conduit of information within this diverse network and constituent base, both internal and external. The Marketing Communications Director works closely with a senior peer group within the organization as the communications partner on a variety of strategic initiatives.

1. Corporate Image Building and Brand Awareness
• Develop, implement, and evaluate the annual communications plan across the network’s discreet audiences in collaboration with the Habitat team and constituents
• Lead the generation of online content that engages audience segments and leads to measurable action. Decide who, where, and when to disseminate
• Put communications vehicles in place to create momentum and awareness as well as to test the effectiveness of communications activities
• Manage all media contacts and interactions
• Represents HFHP in activities involving inter-agency collaboration pertinent to expertise.
• Ensure that corporate image, brand guidelines, protocols and policies are complied with and are implemented across all levels including crisis communications

2. Corporate Communications Standards
• Manage the development, distribution, and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral including, but not limited to, newsletters, brochures, and HFHP website
• Mentor and lead a team member responsible for HFHP website administration and coordination
• Coordinate webpage maintenance—ensure that new and consistent information (article links, stories, and events) is posted regularly
• Track and measure the level of engagement within the network over time

3. Organizational Communications Support
• Manage development, distribution, and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral including, but not limited to, newsletters, brochures, annual report, newsletters, website, and other communications’ collaterals
• Coordinate and organize annual meetings that engage the network’s discreet audiences

4. Marketing Communications Campaign
• Develop campaign and integrate into direct marketing strategies, brand awareness, social media content marketing, public relations, and other communications strategies

5. Direct Marketing
• Lead Conceptualize, develop and implement direct marketing fundraising strategies aimed at raising unrestricted funding for the organization including one-time and regular giving, online giving, cause related marketing (CRM) and other initiatives that solicits small and regular donations from individuals.

Resource Development Head leads, manages, and supervises various fundraising units of the organization to sustainably fund the mission and achieve its annual fundraising target and business objectives.

Supervising and supporting the managers of various fundraising units, the Resource Development Director collaboratively develops and implements fundraising strategies with internal and external stakeholders. The Director ensures sustainable fundraising through partnerships with corporates, individuals, major gifts, and FOI both nationally and internationally in collaboration with the Habitat global funding network.


1. Fundraising strategy development
• Collaboratively develops the overall and channel-specific fundraising strategies and implementation plans to achieve the annual and long-term revenue objectives of the organization
• Supervises the implementation of fundraising strategies aimed at enhancing the over-all cash flow and assets of the organization including leading the fundraising team in proposal development and forging strategic alliances
• Approves and supports the RD unit heads in testing and rolling-out of appropriate techniques, products and campaigns based on identified fundraising strategies
• Guides the team in developing and implementing donor acquisition, engagement and retention strategies as well plans to increase the giving level of existing donors through effective donor stewardship and management.

2. Leads and develops key partnerships in collaboration with respective unit heads
• Opens door and leads bespoke partnership proposals for foundations, organizations and institutions (FOIs), HNIs, and corporates in collaboration with the units heads, and other departments raising at least Php 400 million annually
• Collaborates with Habitat global funding network to secure donations from international FOIs or bilateral organizations
• Ensures donor & prospect pipeline is maintained and sustainably increased with at least 15% annual revenue growth

3. Donor engagement & stewardship
• Supervises the donor care unit in developing donor engagement and retention strategies that will ensure sustainable pool of donors, across all segments, including individuals, corporate, and FOIs.
• Ensures continuous engagement of the National Board of Directors (NBOT), Capital Campaign Cabinet, and Ambassadors in coordination with the respective account managers, Communications Department and the CEO.

4. Department management
• Directs and manages the department’s operation and activities through effective planning, preparation, implementation, control, reporting and evaluation.
• Leads and facilitates regular revenue reporting in collaboration with various fundraising units and frontline fundraisers through pipeline (playbook or appropriate CRM) management.
• Identifies and implements appropriate individual donor database management system
• Identifies recruits, develops and retains appropriate talent required by the Department to attain its objectives in a progressive manner under the guidance of HR department.
• Supervises and reviews unit and individual RD team member’s portfolio and performances, and provides support to strengthen and capacitate the team to meet its revenue target
• Ensures that all fundraising initiatives, campaigns and programs are consistent with the over-all mission, philosophy and fundraising policies of Habitat and ensures organizational compliance to HFH international collaborative development policies and guidelines
• Trains, mentors, develops, and provides growth opportunities for individual career development and leadership succession to ensure the progressive growth, sustainability and expansion of the Resource Development Department and the over-all organization.

5. Management Committee
• Ensures that the Resource Development Department supports the over-all strategy approved by the NBOT and the CEO, and is complementary to other department’s strategy; creates team spirit to the overall strategic objectives.
• Provides regular reports, open discussions with the Management Committee, the NBOT, campaign cabinets and Habitat for Humanity International to ensure effective fundraising strategies are consistent with the over-all strategic objectives.


1. Design, promote, facilitate and participate in disaster risk reduction, response and mitigation training activities to increase capacity of NOs, Branch Offices and Partners. Through this build the capacity of HFHI and HFH affiliated entities to design, monitor and implement disaster response, risk reduction and mitigation strategies and programs.

2. Research, identify and disseminate DR³ promising practices and internationally-accepted standards throughout the AP HFH network
* Engage HFHI DR³ Community of Practice in the development of HFH programmatic approaches to disaster risk reduction and mitigation, in alignment with humanitarian shelter sector promising practices and industry-accepted standards.

3. Engage and connect HFHI to peer agencies and networks (internal and external), authorities and the DR³ donor communities
* Support the collaborative resource development for disaster risk reduction and mitigation initiatives within AP
* Facilitate the resource development efforts specifically as related to the AP DR³ Reserve Fund
* Engage in the development of industry-wide position papers, best practice documents and standards on behalf of HFHI-AP and HFHI in relation to disaster risk reduction and mitigation

4. Advance the development of the HFHI AP DR³ Community of Practice

5. Build the capacity of HFHP to design and implement DR3 programs and projects
* Support HFHP in the formulation of appropriate strategies, programs, projects, and policies related to disaster risk reduction and response (DR3) and climate change adaptation (CCA).
* Ensure the adherence of DR3 Programme to industry standards, Philippine laws and Habitat for Humanity’s internal standards
* Contribute in the development of DR3 training manuals, and public awareness materials
* Faciltate training and mentorship for HFHP staff
* Assist the regional hubs in the implementation of DRR projects such as facilitation of community drills and establishment of community-based DRR Team

We are currently in need of On-the-job Trainees/Student Interns for the following departments – Volunteer Engagement, Community Profiling, and Marketing Communications to provide assistance in our day to day activities.

Internships are offered at our national office in Makati, Metro Manila.

To apply, please drop by our office from Monday to Friday, between 10am to 12noon and bring the following;

1. An updated CV with cover letter

2. Copy of school photo I.D.

3. Endorsement letter from advisor indicating the details of your internship requirements (hours, start and end dates, learning objectives, etc.)

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