John Allison describes himself as a single parent, brother and proud homeowner.

But to say that John is proud does not do much justice for his enthusiasm with the home that houses himself, his son and his sister.

“I used to board in a small room. Life was pretty difficult back then because nearly all my earnings go to the rent.” John says he is extremely blessed that he was one of 4,000 applicants to be chosen as a beneficiary of a Habitat for Humanity house in its FTI housing project in Taguig City.

“Now that we have our own house, life is much easier… It’s quieter, safer and more peaceful compared to where we used to live. This is THE model community,” he beams.

John, who has been living in Habitat’s FTI community for six years now, is the head of the Livelihood Committee, which offers sustainable livelihood projects for the community. “We used to make candles. Now, we plant our own vegetables and sell them, and it’s been very successful.” he explained.

All the profits from the vegetable sales are used to fund their homeowners association’s community development projects and water facilities.

John says he is inspired to lead the Livelihood Committee, and take a more active role in the community’s Peace and Order Committee. He says he wants to encourage his neighbors to follow suit so that they can uphold the harmony in the area. “This community is a gift. We’re peaceful here. It would be a shame if we don’t take care of it.”