IMG_3280-224x300.jpgMembers of BSA Troop 202 worked alongside their sisters, and parents at Phase 2 where the on-going construction of  46housing units. On-site tasks included the following: bamboo panel fabrication, j-bolt fabrication, rib lath installation, mortar filling, concrete casting, painting metal (nuts, washers, rod, and flat bars), bagging sand & gravel, backfilling, clearing, and sand screening.

“Visiting the homeowners was my favorite experience because it gave me a profound understanding why I came to volunteer. I saw people in desperate need. And my (our) efforts could really create a change for them. That’s wonderful!” – Thomas Cheng GV Team Leader

The scouts met one of the homeowners at Phase 1 Ate (elder sister) Emelyn Almaden. She lost her arm in an accident with an electric outlet last 2013.

She washes clothes for a living while her husband works in a market place to support their daily needs and children’s education. The family was forced to move out of their informal settlement because they lived in a waterway near the local dam. After moving from one house to another, they finally have a permanent place in Katuwang Community that they can call a home.