Champodonamu Hospital through Habitat for Humanity Korea partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines in assisting five vulnerable informal settler families in Bistekville 4 to have permanent homes. The Bistekville community is a public-private partnership (PPP) with the local government of Quezon City, PAG-IBIG, Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), and Habitat Philippines and its corporate donors.  The project provides decent and affordable housing to informal settler families living along the river banks and under the bridges in Quezon City.

Thirty-two hospital workers with their families came all the way from Korea to build homes in Bistekville 4.  The team, headed by the hospital director, Dr. James Wu, worked tirelessly side -by-side with the community for three days. They laid bricks, hauled sand, construction materials and debris.

Together with the home partners and hospital volunteers, Dr. Wu and his team built homes and spent a good time with the whole community to celebrate the partnership.

One of Champodonamu Hospital’s partner families is the Camay Family, Ramon (61) and Marina (52) Camay and their children have been living in Barangay Culiat for 23 years. Though their old house is partly made of concrete hollow blocks, the walls were unfinished, the roof is very low with no ceiling, so it can get very hot during the summer. As an informal settler all their lives, they never expected to finally own their own safe and decent home in the city. The Camay family is very grateful to Champodonamu Hospital for blessing them with a concrete house that offers safety and security.

The Home Owners Association represented by their leader, Jess Maglente, received the house markers recognizing the hospital as a major contributor of the Bistekville project.